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Two inept brothers from Texas, come to Los Angels to find their estranged father and inevitably become hitmen. Blah Blah Blah....

"AL" and "LIL AL" are brothers who grew up in a seemingly normal middle-class conservative household. Unbeknownst to them, their father, JIM JENNINGS is a legendary hitman for the GULF COAST MOB.

Jim has recently been tasked with the murder of the heir to the SOUTH BAY MOB in an act of familial Parricide, he, however, does not follow through with the job because he believes it will lead to a war that will ultimately get himself and all of his family killed. Instead, he turns state's witness for the FBI with the plan to keep his children safe.

 The GOLDMAN TRIBE - A criminal organization split up into two sub-families, the GULF COAST MOB (Texas) and the SOUTH BAY MOB (Los Angeles).

Shadow members within the Gulf Coast Mob seek to use the brothers as pawns in a Coup d’etat, with the intention to consolidate both organizations into one unified empire. The two estranged brothers, kidnapped, threatened, and beaten are left with no options but to head to Southern California and find their father or finish his task.


Waiting to Kill is an hour drama;  True Romance meets True Detective.  A 20 Episode Anthology broken into two seasons. Season One will follow our protagonist as they become Killers. Season Two, titled Waiting to Die, we will watch as the brothers ultimately atone for their sins. 

Season Three, Waiting to Kill again will have two new lead protagonist, Al and Lil Al's sisters, Alexandra and Alisha. You can guess where it goes from there. Blah Blah Blah...   

Our story will take place in the back alleys of West LA’s pseudo exceptionalism. From the drug front of a Green Juicery, the scantily clad sex cult yoga studio, all the way to the Pyramid scheme of Café Gratitude.

We will follow the brothers as they leave no crystal unturned in their quest to adjust to trustafarian logic, pacifist assholes, and the Murders that will pay for it all...

You can’t put a price tag on health…or reason...

Blah Blah Blah Venice sunsets. 



AL – Recently released from jail for laundering money through his small bar in Texas. The older brother, Al grew up never being noticed or considered, which leads him to constantly assert himself and his archaic masculine ideologies. He is divorced with a 12-year-old daughter. He is constantly being emasculated by the women in his life. He is convinced that his father is the reason for his family issues. AL reads incessantly and fancies himself an intellectual but he really has no idea what he is talking about.


LIL AL - Ranch hand and semi-professional poker player. Not autistic but he is on the spectrum. He is the younger brother and he has always been coddled. He grew up watching old silver screen movies and listening to soul music and has never experienced love from those closest to him, making his desire for nostalgia and to be loved heightened. Lil Al is very good with numbers as he only sees information. This leads to making misinformed decisions with people as he is constantly regurgitating what he has seen and not what he has felt.


"For it is impossible for the blood of bulls to take away sins."   Hebrews 10:4


JIM is the bygone father of the Jennings family. He has always had a cavalier attitude toward life. Undereducated, and needing money to support his first family, he went to work for Susan Gold as muscle, that ultimately lead to him becoming a contract killer. He has two separate families one he left in Texas and one he occasionally see's in Utah.  He doesn’t take out the heir to the Goldman family because he believes it will lead to a war. He goes to the FBI instead to turn states evidence, which he believes is the only way to protect his families. When his sons kill both heirs it creates chaos, leaving JIM helpless, whilst he tries to contain both mobs and the FBI.




12 going 30, wise beyond her years.  Al's daughter who is the spitting image of him. Smart mouth, independent and eager to follow in her father’s footsteps. She has been relocated to Los Angeles with her mother.


CHRISTINA – 30’s, Los Angeles native. Raised by a single father and her six older brothers. Her tomboyish intellect and attitude are juxtaposed by her gorgeous womanly frame, which caused her trouble navigating the FBI. The backbone of her family, and the embodiment of true moral integrity. 

Jenn is Al's ex-wife (although on paper still married). She has an affinity for white wine and social media. When Al went to prison, she fell for an out of work actor living in Los Angeles. She resides in Brentwood and is completely detached from the realities of the world.


Gulf Coast Mob

SUSAN GOLD - 60’s, Boss to the Gulf Coast Mob, Twin Sister of Jonathan Goldman, exiled from her family’s operation when she was young because she was a woman. Mother to twin sisters Rachel and Olivia. The matriarch of the Gold family, she is feared and respected by all. Her favorite daughter is Rachel and does not want her children to follow in her footsteps.

NELSON GOLD - 60’s Husband of Susan Gold. A total bumbling fuck-up. Rich oil money. He is secretly helping his daughter, Olivia, funding her shady move against her mother, and his wife, who he deeply resents.

OLIVIA GOLD - 20’s, beautiful, jewish/swiss, Rachel’s identical twin sister. She is the one who has ordered her sister’s husband, Jared Kesh, the heir to the South Bay Mob to be killed, as a first step towards destabilizing the whole The Goldman Family in her efforts to supplant and take control of what she views as her family’s deeply mismanaged empire.

RICHARD "CHICKY" LYTHGOE - 60's, he is The Godfather to the Jennings, was Jim's best friend. Consiglieri to the Gulf Coast Mob. He is the brother's go-between for all the jobs their father left undone. Although he comes across as folksy and kind with the best of intentions for the Jennings Family, we find out in later episodes he is a conniving foe, serving the dark interests of a mysterious puppet master pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Natalie, a beautiful Vietnamese woman — elegant, gorgeous, looks like she has no business being in this bar.Natalie, a beautiful Vietnamese woman — elegant, gorgeous, looks like she has no business being in this bar.

Southbay Bay Mob

JONATHAN GOLDMAN - 60’s, twin brother to Susan Gold. Unfertile widower. Ruthless leader of the South Bay Mob which has been in his family for several generations. He exiled his own sister from the family after assessing her as a threat to his rise to power, following their father’s death.

JARED KESH - 30’s, young, flashy, good-looking husband to Rachel. Raised as a son by Jonathan Goldman to be his heir to the family business. The son of a big-time London Mafia figure who was arrested by the FBI and put in prison where he died at the hands of corrupt Prison Guards. A chip on his shoulder with a rage against the world mentality, he has recently moved the family into dealing international arms.

RACHEL (GOLD) KESH – 20’s, beautiful, Jewish/Swiss, identical twin sister of Olivia. Favorite daughter of Susan Gold. Has been seduced by Jonathan Goldman to marry his illegitimate son in order to provide him with a rightful blood heir.

REMY VINE red hair, curly jewish fro.  Jonathan’s henchman and most trusted number 2. The most competent member of either crime outfit. The greatest foe to Olivia.

GRANDMA GOLDMAN (70’s) a happy raciest grandmother in denial that her family is in the mafia.



Karl Lee -  A VIETNAMESE URBAN COWBOY.  Impeccably dressed in western attire. Always in a cowboy hat, rodeo belt buckle and even decorative spurs. Karl is a henchman for the Gulf Coast Mob but he will switch sides when Oliva doublee crosses him.    

The Anthology

The Anthology

Legendary hitman JIM JENNINGS turns himself into the FBI in dramatic fashion when he punches several agents in order to be detained. Rogue members of the Gulf Coast mob then kidnap his two sons, AL and Lil Al  Jennings. 

LIL AL is taken from his bar after closing. Where he is lured by an exotic Vietnamese woman who drugs him and burns down his bar.   AL is taken outside a shipyard warehouse in Galveston TX where he plays illegal card games. 

 Both Al and Lil Al are held captive and water boarded by an Vietnamese Urban Cowboy and the exotic Vietnamese woman.  Al eventually confesses that their father, Jim, is in Los Angeles. CHICKY, a long time family friend,  appears revealing to the boys that their father, Jim, is a contract killer. 

Chicky warns the boys that they believe Jim has turned state's evidence, and that if the boys don't complete Jim's task or find him, the Gulf Coast Mob will kill them, Chicky and their entire families. Al and Lil Al head to Los Angeles to find Jim. They arrive at his Venice beach home to find it empty. The brothers are disturbed to find out that Jim had another and other kids.  Before they get settled in RACHEL Gold-Kesh shows up.  She had hired Jim to kill her husband, JARED, and hasn’t herd from him


The next morning Al and Lil Al meet Chicky at Kenneth Hahn Park, and when they tell him about Rachel, he reveals that Rachel's husband, Jared, is part of the South Bay Mob; he was one of Jim's targets for assassination. They spend the rest of the day following Jared. 

 Al and Lil Al have separate evening. Al spends his with his daughter planning a escape with her if this goes south. And Lil Al spends his being seduced by Rachel.  

The next day the brother are supposed to meet Chicky at the park, but he doesn't show. the brothers are left with no other option than to proceed with he hit. 

 Al and Lil Al enter Jared's home, both of them attempt to kill Jared, but neither can bring themselves to go through with it. Al decides to high tail it out of there and make a run for it with his daughter.  Lil Al begins to follow. but sees Rachel enter the home so he returns to fishish the job.  He is floored when he overhears Rachel having enthusiastic sex with Jared. He jealously confronts them, and when Jared learns the truth about Rachel, he kills her. When Jared tries to kill Lil Al, he's attacked by Al, who chokes him to death.


Al and Lil Al dispose of the bodies, but an enraged Chicky informs them that Rachel was SUSAN GOLD'S daughter; this now makes them an enemy of both the Southbay Mob and the Gulf coast mob. They have no other option that to kill everybody.  

The Five Stages of Grief

The Five Stages of Grief

Episode #2

We open on the mansion in RANCHOS PALOS VERDES. JONATHAN GOLDMAN with a giant butcher’s mallet raised above his head is cooking whilst interrogating a YAKUZA member about the whereabouts of his illegitimate son JARED & his wife RACHEL. He discovers JIM JENNINGS is in fact in LA and somehow involved.

 LIL AL looking as if he is in the throws of a passionate sexual encounter but in reality he is doing yoga. He makes awkward conversation with women and is asked to leave.

AL is hiking Runyon Canyon with ALLIE.  He is explaining to her the truth about their family and JIM, looking for sympathy. The smile on his face; that of a proud father getting a second chance, is quickly removed when Alley pulls out her headphones and reveals to him she hasn’t been listening.

AL, and ALLIE walk to the exit of Runyon Canyon where they are met by JENNIFER. AL and JENNIFER argue about him being in LA. LIL AL receives a message from CHICKY.

LIL AL is sitting on the park bench from the previous episode, when he is approached by a tourist who asks him for a cigarette. LIL AL has a brief conversation before becoming convinced that the TOURIST’S intentions are to kill himself.AL has been watching the interaction between LIL AL and the tourist. LIL AL begins expounding on the duality of good and evil. AL still believes that they are not cut out for this line of work. LIL AL has a different take and though he is grieving for the loss of RACHEL, he finds everything they have done righteous and pertinent to their families survival. This argument ends with the brothers fighting. CHICKY breaks them up.

DETECTIVE MORALES is berating JIM JENNINGS for setting her up to fail. JIM continues to play dumb. He is curious as to what happened to JARED. DETECTIVE MORALES doesn’t buy his story. She calls out an APB on the green Ford F-150.

  CHICKY informs them he has had no luck tracking down JIM. He receives a phone call from JONATHAN GOLDMAN’S people informing him that they are aware of his presence in LA. He tells the brothers that they should kill JONATHAN’s weed distributor in order to distract him.

AL wants to leave town. He convinces AL to come along with him for the hit. He secretly wants to take out the the target to get revenge on the SOUTH BAY MOB for RACHEL’s death.

The brother’s go to VENICE to get weed cards to infiltrate the shop owner’s world. After following him for the day, LIL AL has another plan.

Before they can go to kill the Shop owner, LIL AL is arrested and brought to FBI headquarters. There he meets with DETECTIVE MORALES for the first time.

AL is back at the bench waiting for LIL AL, when he is approached by a mime who informs him that the tourist did in fact kill himself.

The Art of War

The Art of War

Episode #3

Episode #3


LIL AL is smitten by DETECTIVE MORALES who is taken off the case for her fuck up in episode one and for having brought in LIL AL with no evidence. After LIL AL  is finger printed he has a chance run in with JIM, confirming that he has, in fact, turned states. AL meets DETECTIVE MORALES when he picks up LIL AL. Sparks begin to fly.

DETECTIVE MORALES decides to go rogue on the case and pulls everything she can on the brothers, leading her to find out that AL has a daughter and an Ex-Wife in Los Angeles.

DETECTIVE MORALES stakes out JENNIFERS house. AL get’s dropped off by LIL AL. She decides to follow LIL AL back to the Venice House where she sees him meet up with CHICKY drawing her suspicions.

LIL AL tells CHICKY & AL that JIM has turned states. AL wants to free him but CHICKY needs them to focus on completing their mission. He tells them about a lawyer that the SOUTH BAY MOB uses to handle all of their operations that needs to be taken out. AL covertly decides to blackmail the lawyer in order to free JIM.

DETECTIVE MORALES goes back to JARED’s house where she finds a clue about the murders leaving her to believe that JARED is actually dead.

       CHICKY gives the brothers the information for the hit, a hard partying lawyer MARCUS ALBRITTON. LIL AL and AL come up with a plan to drug the lawyer but don’t know where to get drugs. They spend the day locating poison. 


       The boys arrive at PLAYHOUSE an urban nightclub. After some bargaining, they are let in. They immediately locate MARCUS and being getting close to him. After being invited to partake in his table, they lace his drink. It does nothing. AL dumps the rest of the drugs in MARCUS’ bottle. During  an exchange one of the girls at the table takes the bottle, unbeknownst to the brothers, dumps it into a shaker and begins to make shots. She hands the shots out to everyone, they all cheers and as AL sets his shot down, he notices the drugged bottled is gone.

       The night club turns into a music video from the hangover. There is a tremendous amount of partying that continues onto MARCUS’s home. The brothers are really fucked up when DETECTIVE MORALES shows up after following them. Both brothers neglect their job and vie for DETECTIVE MORALES’s attention. AL in his drugged out state gives DETECTIVE MORALES information on them bringing down the SOUTH BAY MOB.

       LIL AL awakes to MARCUS floating on a raft. AL yells at Marcus to wake up so he can blackmail him into freeing JIM. They realize Marcus is dead and must have OD’d at some point in the night. DETECTIVE MORALES realizes she is unable to arrest the brothers as no crime was committed. She decides to let them continue killing so she can bring them down. 

       AL and LIL AL are back at the house discussing the failure of freeing JIM but LIL AL celebrates that they completed the hit and wishes to press forward with completing JIM’s tasks.

The Rest of Season One

The Rest of Season One

Episodes 4-10

Episode 4      

  •    Detective Morales is actually in love with Al

  •    Detective Morales confronts Jim about his sons and his intent to turn state

  •    Jim decides to help Detective Morales

  •    Chicky trains the brothers to become better hitmen




Episode 6

  •    Jim and sons find list of South Bay Mob family tree

  •    Olivia shows up

  •    Olivia exposes the truth about the whole family

  •    Olivia re-seduces Lil Al into helping her taking down the South Bay Mob

  •    Detective Morales rejects helping Al take down the South Bay Mob

  •    Chicky Kills Jim

  •    Lil Al kills Chicky



Episode 8

  •    Al confronts Lil Al about Olivia’s intent to destroy the family and the South Bay Mob

  •    The brother’s relationship falls apart

  •    Jonathan set’s up the brothers death

  •    Detective Morales saves the brothers from being killed



Episode 10    

  •    Jonathan Goldman is murdered

  •    Olivia shows she is really behind everything

  •    Lil Al is heartbroken

  •    The brothers mount a revenge mission to return home to finish off the Gulf Coast Mob

Episode 5

  •    Al and Lil Al’s relationship becomes strained over Detective Morale

  •    Brothers plan best way to eradicate all the main characters of South Bay Mob

  •    Jim is freed from the FBI to further protect his sons.

  •    Jim and Sons plan massive robbery to get to the bottom of South Mob

  •    Olivia  teaser 


Episode 7

  •    Detective Morales enlists Al’s help by telling him about Jim’s whereabouts

  •    Olivia tells the brothers Chicky was the mastermind behind the coup  

  •    Jonathan Goldman unleashes the South Bay Mob.

  •    Detective Morales. and Al fall in love

  •    Detective Morales tells Al she thinks Olivia is behind everything.




Episode 9

  •    Detective Morales is murdered.

  •    Revenge is plotted against Jonathan Goldman

  •    Lil Al must make a choice between family and love



In the finale of season one, the brothers eradicate the entire South Bay Mob.  This season their focus will be on taking down the Gulf Coast Mob on the sly including other underworld figures.








Alexandra and Alisha, Al and lil Al's half sisters from Utah will avenge there Father by taking down... 

The End

The End

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World's Fair Pictures

World's Fair Pictures

World's Fair Pictures

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